About Wisdom-Based Business

Wisdom-Based Business works to align corporate strategy with values to develop purpose beyond profitability so that corporate leaders and their employees can both flourish. The Wisdom-Based Business team does this in three ways: by providing a wisdom audit based on 50+ years of research and Biblical values to assess the company’s current impact; by working with corporate leaders to develop a wisdom-balanced scorecard the incorporates value based outcomes beyond the traditional 4 of the balanced scorecard; and by delivering training and workshops for managers and employees to increase employee engagement and business success.

The concept of Wisdom-Based Business is the result of over a decade of applied business research and study of scripture that lead Dr. Hannah Stolze to the conclusion that not only is the wisdom of scripture relevant for business today, but it is also best practice!

An avid reader and student of scripture, Hannah began her journey with Wisdom through Bible study conversations that sparked an interest in the personification of Wisdom throughout scripture as a woman and public figure in the Ancient Near East economy and society (i.e. Lady Wisdom introduced in Proverbs 3).

As Hannah pursued her PhD at the University of Tennessee in business administration with a focus in logistics and marketing, she began work on an applied research project sponsored by the US Department of Defense. The goal of the project was to explore the best practices of Fortune 500 companies in integrating lean and green strategies in their global supply chains. The research uncovered strategies across nearly 50 companies that not only made the companies more profitable but also provided dignity to their workers and better stewarded the natural environment.

To further integrate the findings of business research with a deeper understanding of scripture, Hannah pursued and completed a Master’s of Biblical Studies at Wheaton College to further her knowledge of scripture. The three year journey through scripture helped to create biblical rigor and interpretation that could be used as a lens through which to explore business strategy. Wisdom based business was born out of exegetical study of scripture, applied research, prayer, and a desire to see tools built to help students and business leaders imagine the practical ways the Bible could be applied to everyday business.

Wisdom based business is the result of 10+ years of business research, a master’s of biblical studies, and a passion to understand the positive impact possible on society and the planet through living out the simple commission to Love God and neighbor as Christ loved us.

About Dr. Hannah Stolze

Dr. Hannah J. Stolze joined the College of Business at Lipscomb University in 2021 and the Business & Economics faculty at Wheaton College in 2015.

Hannah is currently an associate professor of supply chain management at Lipscomb University and executive director of the Wheaton College Center for Faith & Innovation. Before her joint appointment at Lipscomb University and Wheaton College, she was an assistant professor of supply chain management in the marketing department at Florida State University.

She earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration at the University of Tennessee, where she specialized in logistics and marketing. Prior to that she earned an MBA at Lindenwood University and worked in packaging imports. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts from Carthage College with a dual major in International Political Economics, Mandarin, and a minor in Asian Studies. Her previous career was in the United States Army. She served in multiple capacities including, psychological operations, ordnance, and as a broadcast journalist in public affairs.

Hannah conducts applied business research with a focus on sustainability (including environmental, economic, social and humanitarian impacts) and transformative impact. She has partnered with over 40 Fortune 500 firms on research projects and in data collection. For a full over view of her research link to: curriculum vitae.

She recently served as a Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia on a teaching grant where she lectured in undergraduate courses and taught graduate supply chain courses at UPH (Universitas Pelita Harapan). She also conducted seminars, workshops, consulted on curricular matters, and assisted with program and faculty development.

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