Kristin Colber-Baker, global head, talent development
Mars, Inc.

Kristin Colber-Baker

“In Wisdom-Based Business, Stolze brilliantly connects winning business practices to biblical truths. She leverages academic research and thoughtfully curated business cases to prove that business leaders can simultaneously pursue—and achieve—both profit and purpose. A must-read for all business leaders who strive to honor God in their calling.”

Mike Sharrow, CEO
C12 Group

Mike Sharrow

Wisdom-Based Business is a needed invitation and illustration of the adventure for followers of Jesus to shatter the daylight between faith and vocation, sacred and secular, and to experience the wisdom of God prevail across all domains of life, including the heart of industry. Hannah Stolze’s passionate curiosity of the intersection of faith and industry—particularly heavy industry, rigorous supply-chain intensive enterprises—is a needed advancement of the discussion about faith and work from the academy to the board room. I pray readers will be moved to pursue great business, greater purpose, and integrated faithfulness from the spurring of this book!”

Dr. Gary Lindblad, Dean
Crowell School of Business, Biola University

Gary Lindblad

“This ground-breaking book from Professor Hannah Stolze, anchored in her thorough grasp of management research and coupled with her deep dive into Old Testament wisdom literature, provides just such new and exciting possibilities for business and business professionals. As you follow the author’s intriguing story of discovery, Wisdom-Based Business reveals to the reader a business model grounded in evidence-based business research, yet revealed clearly in an ancient Old Testament poem. This is the book that, if followed, has the potential of influencing and guiding Christians in business for decades to come.”

Philip Ryken, President
Wheaton College

Phillip Ryken

“Dr. Hannah Stolze serves as codirector of Wheaton’s Center for Faith and Innovation—a place for top Christian executives to strengthen their marketplace leadership by examining best practices, reflect on biblical principles, and enjoy cutting-edge research. This rare combination of Christian conviction, business acumen, and academic rigor is on full display in Stolze’s new book, Wisdom-Based Business. Readers will profit by gaining a more biblical and more practical understanding of what it means to do business for the glory of God.”

PHILIP M. PFEFFER, president and CEO of Treemont Capital, Inc.,
retired president Random House, Inc.

Philip Pfeffer

Wisdom-Based Business holds together well in its entirety, but each chapter also stands alone. I particularly enjoyed and found beneficial chapters on the “Virtue of Profit,” the “Foundation of Servant Leadership,” “Supply Chain Orientation,” and “Comparative Advantage.” Wisdom-Based Business is a challenging read, but Stolze’s writing style quickly absorbs the reader into each chapter.”

WILL MESSENGER, chief editor
Theology of Work

Will Messenger

“In Wisdom-Based Business, Hannah Stolze takes the integration of Christian faith and business to an unprecedented level of depth and precision. With impeccable exegetical rigor, she mines the wealth of practical business wisdom in the Bible, overlooked and over spiritualized since the dawn of the industrial revolution.
As a professor of logistics, Stolze’s knows this world cold, and she demonstrates how the biblical material undergirds, enriches, and, at times, challenges twenty-first century empirical management science and practice. A lot in contemporary business is not godly, but it could be. Business can—and should—be a preeminent mission for people of faith seeking to make the world a make better place. Wisdom-Based Business shows how.”

Greg Leith CEO of Convenehttp://convenenow.com

Greg Leith

“There IS a link between profit and people and purpose. Hannah does a masterful job of connecting the dots. She does it using biblical passages that are dusted off and looked at in a fresh new way; ways that relate to CEO’s who need to deal with mission critical matters like supply chain, quality and stakeholder issues. Hannah’s comments on the firm ServiceMaster are right on target. I know, I was there as a leader watching it happen. When the last page is turned, you’ll be a wiser leader, but not just based on worldly wisdom but on Gods’ wisdom. ”

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