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Corporate Workshops Develop Wisdom Based Business Strategies, Performance Scorecards, and Collaborative Planning

Develop a Wisdom Balanced Scorecard to make your business purposeful and profitable.

Wisdom-Balanced Audit

The WBB Assessment will provide your company with a snapshot of your impact today.

Engage Dr. Stolze and a research team to measure and receive feedback on your corporate strategies and outcomes compared to best practices in business.
The wisdom audit tool has been developed based on more than 50 years of research that include more than 1000+ company level data points to provide you with insights into your companies strengths, potential weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.

Wisdom – Balanced Scorecard

Do well by doing good. If what gets measured gets managed, then having metrics in place will make wisdom strategies attainable for your organization. Work with Dr. Stolze to develop a customized wisdom-balanced scorecard and strategy for your company’s impact.

Wisdom Training Workshops

Embrace wisdom as a part of your corporate culture and empower your managers to become servant
leaders with tools to improve employee engagement, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and create an environment of flourishing!

Wisdom-Based Business reveals a business model grounded in evidence-based business research, yet revealed clearly in an ancient Old Testament poem. This is a model that, if followed, has the potential of influencing and guiding Christians in business for decades to come.”

— Dean, College of Business, Christian University

Wisdom-Based Business is a needed invitation and illustration of the adventure for followers of Jesus to shatter the daylight between faith and vocation, sacred and secular, and to experience the wisdom of God prevail across all domains of life, including the heart of industry. “

— Christian CEO

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